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strategic focus

Magnetic organizations begin strategy with a focus on

Personal Leadership Development which leads to a Healthy Organizational Culture.

Servant LEadership

The most inspiring leadership is servant leadership and can only be executed through submission to the mission. The result will be multiplication with a primary outcome of a Healthy Culture.


We all have wounds, and if left unaddressed, these wounds can do damage to our leadership potential. When we deal with our brokenness and understand how to live with longing, we can keep the wrong things from driving us and allow our authentic selves to carry out the mission.

Our Strategy Development Process


group training

online seminars

How The Process works

Step 1

We start with a free initial assessment where we gather your perspective.


Step 2

Next we gather the perspective of your staff and key leadership.

Results: This is compiled into a simple report. This report helps give both you and our team the needed information to determine if there is an opportunity to go deeper.

Step 3

Upon determination of readiness and desire to engage the next level, an in-person visit from a member or members of our Culture Magnetic Team is scheduled. This would be a multi-day meeting with many options available.

Results: We will deliver the results of the process up to this point and walk with you through the development of a strategic plan.

• Examine your internal and external culture and the primary issues it is facing

• Research and determine primary issues facing the community at large and trending opportunities

• Take each ministry platform into account and qualify its purpose and needs based off of current trends

• Develop a target attender based off community and church analysis

• Culture a Magnetic set of initiatives to engage

• Analyze all initiatives for ROI

• Determine alignment with established vision and mission

• Secure key metrics based around implementation with a 3-5 year target

• Finalize a 1 year implementation plan  

Step 4

This stage involves working with the staff to help them “own” the process and any strategic realignments that result from the process.

  • Reporting structure evaluation
  • Strengths finding analysis with staff
  • Organizational culture audit and initiative implementation
  • Vision and values saturation

Step 5

This final process involves walking with you through the implementation throughout the 1 year process and final trajectory analysis.

Our desire is to help your Organization achieve its mission.