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There are many elements to creating a great communications presence and particularly in the high focuse of online platforms. Whether you choose to prerecord or live broadcast your communication, we can help. While certain elements are critical for even the most basic online presence, we can help you strategically engage whatever elements your budget and manpower can support. Here are a few of these elements:


No matter what platform you use for live broadcast, the camera(s) you choose will be important to the success of your live stream.

Streaming Software and CDN

Don’t worry about becoming an expert. Elements like Encoding Programs and Content Delivery Networks are necessary for quality streaming, but we can help you select and use the right tools for the job.

Audio Mixing Options

For great online audio, you can choose from a single mixer option or a combination of options, including DAW integration. Don’t worry; we will make it easy for you.


The proper lighting will make your video capture come to life. We can help design the right lighting experience for your worship services.

Audio Production

The audio production elements for both In-Person and Online audio need to work together. The more strategically aligned this area is, the better the audio experience can be.

Presentation Software and Projection

From slides and video integration to in-house projection and image magnification, we can help you design the visual experience to support your message.

Our desire is to help your Organization achieve its mission.